S. Palavali - IT Specialist

"I have been a client of Roshan’s since 2002. He has provided services in several key areas, including tax planning, payroll processing and financial planning. He has been our financial advisor and has been handling our personal and corporate investment accounts for over 10 years. His office takes care of all of our payroll processing needs and files any forms needed for the IRS and TWC. I like the fact that his office is a "one stop solution” for all of our accounting and financial planning needs. Each one of the areas feeds into another and he makes the entire process run smoothly. He has made running our business much easier and has freed up a tremendous amount of time for us to build a better business. Thanks to Roshan, Farzana and all of their office staff for a very fruitful and smooth business relationship of 10 years and counting."


Dr. Zeb - Cardiologist/ Internal Medicine

"I have been a client for more than 10 years (2001). Roshan has provided excellent service and advice on my financial needs over the years. He has completed my business and family returns for many years. I do not worry about my financial and tax issues because Roshan takes care of it all. He also handles my retirement plan in a very thoughtful manner. He provides lunch for me when he completes my return because it is a long process. I appreciate how he takes care of me and my business."




Nagesh G. - Computer and Software Specialist

"Since 2003 Roshan has helped me with quick, excellent, traditional services and he is reasonably priced. He is easy to talk to. I started doing freelance the past few years and he gave me great recommendations to help set up my company. My taxes are done quickly every year. He gives me a well organized folder to help maintain my record. Roshan is a great CPA and is very accessible. If he is accepting new business clients, I would give him a try."



Mahesh K. – Computer and Software Specialist

"I have been doing business with Roshan and his staff since 2002. He has provided a wide spectrum of all services including and not limited to the following: payroll services, small business establishment, personal and corporate tax filing, financial investments, retirement planning, and advising. He is very familiar with market trends and social services. He is always available whenever I need him most. He is an excellent professional and great human being. He understands the issues and provides constructive solutions. He is a 3 in 1 – Professional – Advisor – Friend. I would absolutely recommend his services."

S. Panguluri – Computer and Software Specialist

"Roshan has been my CPA since 2006. He provided outstanding service when he incorporated my firm. He set up a retirement plan and prepares my taxes every year. He is a please to do business with. He and his dedicated staff impress me with their professionalism, knowledge, and expertise. He is absolutely someone who a business owner should have on his side. He has been a tremendous source of guidance and help to me. He has always been there when I needed a professional opinion. It gives me a great relief knowing that I can always rely on his expertise and personal touch. Thank you Roshan."

C. Wun –Computer Systems and Designs

"For the last 4 years (since 2007) Roshan has given me peace of mind when it comes to my personal and business accounts. He handles all of my payroll and other business services so that I can focus on running my business. I would recommend businesses to seek his services."

M. Ganoo Software Consulting and Web Hosting

"He has provided exceptional service for me since 2001. He handles my personal tax and all of my business and investment needs. He caters to my personal and business requirements. He gives me a lot of one on one time to answer my questions about today’s tough economic situations. His advice is very valuable and has helped me to achieve my financial growth goals. He is a true "Guru” when it comes to taxes and investments. I would recommend Roshan in a heartbeat to other friends and businesses."

G. Moore, Computer & Software Specialist

"I have been a client of Ajanee’s since 2002. He helped me incorporate my business. He handles my payroll, tax preparation, investments, and financial planning. The thing I like most about being a client is the service. Roshan’s team is always very responsive and courteous. Roshan understands our financial goals and always provides sound advice. He also makes an extra effort to let us know that we are truly appreciated as his customers."

N. Patel MD & A. Khan MD

"We have been clients for 3 years (since 2008). Roshan has help establish the corporation for our business. He provides corporate and personal taxes, as well as 401K accounts and advice on any and every business/personal financial issues. I like the honest advice and his approach to our problems, as well as his willingness to help in any way he can."

S. Koppala, Real Estate

"We have been clients since 2002. Roshan has provided and advised us in various matters. Whenever we had any concern he was always there to help us out and guide us in the right direction. He helped us save money by investing it in the right places. He has a very friendly staff. We get the answers we need to any issues or concerns immediately. Not only does he identify problem areas but also helps us in resolving them. He has an excellent on-board team."

Aamir - Business owner

"I have been with Roshan Ajanee for the last 12 years (since 1999) and it has been a great trip. I am a business owner and what business owner’s especially look for in his or her CPA is that whenever an audit has come on a business. You want your CPA to stand up for you and fight. Roshan did it for me. He saved me a lot of money. He knows what he is doing and is always very professional."

Sherry & Farook Raghani

"We have been clients of Roshan Ajanee since 1996. He has provided me and my family with valuable tax preparation services and financial planning expertise for over a decade. I also have my child’s college fund portfolio with Roshan Ajanee. I truly appreciate his insight for all my financial needs. The thing I like most about being a client of Roshan’s is he is very approachable and easy to talk to. He can articulate the financial lingo at a layman’s level and makes you feel very comfortable. He and his staff are always courteous and professional in our dealings with them. I would highly recommend their services to friends and family."

S. Sapkota, Sapkota Investments, Inc.

"I have been a client of Ajanee’s CPA Firm since 1998. He has provided us good financial advice. I am thankful for his financial advising skills. He is best at what he does. Very helpful and honest."

G Mudumbai, VNT Solutions, LLC

"I have been doing business with Roshan for over 10 years (since 2000). He provides tremendous service on our IRS Tax, investments and Insurance. He is dedicated and sincere. The response I get from everyone at Roshan’s office made me to stay and continue business with them. On time and detailed oriented service makes me stay with them forever."

Dr. Huned Husain, Internal Medicine

"Our practice has been doing business with Roshan for 8 years (since 2004). He not only files our tax returns but advises us regarding our investments. Thank you for your hard work."

J. Jiwani, Perfume Center

"Roshan has been my CPA and advisor since 2001. He provides great service and everything he does is spot on."

R. Mohan, IT Specialist

"I just recently became a client of Roshan in 2011. He had given me excellent service and consultation. He is pleasant, helpful and goes the extra mile to help me on any business matter. I highly recommend his services."